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FUEL TAP 3 years 1 month ago #113094

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Hi Guys,

I removed the fuel tank to clean the tank. Removed the fuel pipes connected to the tank closed the tap.
All ok so far

Then I took the tank and as there was not much fuel in the tank...I wanted to pour this old fuel out. When I upended the tank and opened the tap....no fuel ran out. I went to the trouble to cant the tank on the side to bring all the contents to the tap side of the tank.
I was baffled! Not a drop of fuel came out when I turned the setting to OPEN with the tank canted to the side to allow all fuel to run out

Sheer desperation...I removed the tap from the tank then drained the fuel.

I blew into the outlet side of the tap and air did come out the long pipe with the gauze filter. Tried the reserved outlet and blew. That too was clear...so both fuel inlet pipes to the tap were clear....ONLY when I blew air from the outlet sides.

YET..when I suck on the main fuel outlet I get a total block...sucking hard and my tongue sticks....this indicates to me NO FUEL can gravity feed for the main fuel pipe inside the tank and likewise with the reserve side.

Disassembled the tap according to the KLR workshop manual ---all looked oK.

Can anyone enlighten me please how this fuel tap functions. The bike did run before...I just cannot understand why one has to remove the entire tap of the tank to clean the tank.

How does this damn fuel tap actually work????
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FUEL TAP 3 years 1 month ago #113095

  • Hardus
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The second pipe is a vacuum pipe. If there is a vacuum it let the petrol through. If the vacuum pipe is damaged or not secure it can lead to a lot of time searching for the problem.
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FUEL TAP 3 years 1 month ago #113125

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As Hardus said, its a vacuum operated tap.
Its actually a very neat safety feature in that if your bike falls over it can not flood.
Very often if a bike tips over you will see fuel running out, this does not happen with
the KLR.
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FUEL TAP 3 years 1 month ago #113156

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Porra's KLR did when it was lying down.. :evil:
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