Rules of Engagement  

  1. Brand bashing is out, stating factual truths is cool. It serves no purpose bashing your or anyone else's brand. We see no harm if you have a problem with your bike and you post the facts here. There is no need to fly into a frenzy and make wild statements about a brand
  2. Some basic rules will be applicable for the whole forum: - no personal attacks/threats, no racism, no porn, no spam/corporate advertising in a thread (without the administrator’s consent), no swearing, etc.  
  3. If a thread is doomed to go the wrong direction, we will:
    1. Clearly warn the participants in red - see this moderating and not as an acting particpant! We humbly request that no forum member uses red font in order to avoid confusion.
    2. If the paticipant carries on, we will issue an informal warning, giving him/her sufficient time to modify his post.  If the particpant does not comply, a formal warning - with or without a temporary or permanent ban - will be issued.  Particpants are advised to move away from this thread.   Please don't query moderator's decisions - its not a nice job and doesn't need public scrutiny - we do scrutinise each other and will always act fairly as far as humanly possible.
    3. Threads that went south will either be locked or deleted.  We don't want petty fights on this forum, not even in a designated area. A new thread will be started called ‘Jou Hoezit se Watsenaam’ in ‘Off the Topic’. ALL topics of that nature in that boards please.  Normal rules regarding personal attacks etc will apply. Don't get sensitive when partaking in threads there. We will not be entertaining a sin bin or fight board.  We feel it is unnecessary.